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Enrique is the founder of The Lisbon Fixers and a freelance reporter with over 20 years of experience in broadcast and print journalism.


As a fixer in Portugal and Spain since 2004, he has worked with some of the main international news networks and media groups, as well as with Gérard Depardieu and Shawney Cohen.

His portfolio includes television series broadcasts and documentary television shows like Travel Man (with Richard Ayoade) and the BBC Travel Show.

In 2016, he launched 'Portugal das Maravilhas', a book that portraits "a wonderful but puzzling country".

In 2020, he has resumed his PhD to write a thesis on the role of humour in climate change communication.



Meeri is a Portuguese-Finnish actress and producer. She's also the co-founder of The Lisbon Fixers.

Whilst living in Los Angeles, where she worked for one of the biggest production companies in Hollywood, she learned the value of production managing.


Meeri returned to Portugal determined to apply her (many) different talents into filming projects on her native land.


She's heard that The Lisbon Fixers are a pleasure to work with. "But don't take my word", she warns us. "See it for yourself!"


Edgar is an underwater photographer and surface journalist who has been working in communication-related areas for over 15 years.

He has been a contributor to several Portuguese newspapers, but also web portals like Surftotal.

More recently, he has worked as Media Advisor for the East-Timorese Government.


His broad experience in different fields provides him with extensive knowledge in politics, diplomacy, sports and culture, among other areas.



Marina thoroughly enjoys translating the director's vision into cinematographic and suitable locations, and works across documentary and narrative.


She has plenty of experience as a local producer and fixer, having worked with The New York Times, BBC and Italy’s Rai TV, among others.


She also has experience as a writer, researcher, photographer and director.


The one common thread in Marina’s experience is her passion for storytelling. Her own work tends to focus on intimate human stories in underrepresented communities.

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